Master Board Awards

On January 11, 2014 the Utah School Boards Association recognized the Garfield County School Board in their Master Board programBoard President Ken Platt and Vice Board President Cheryl Cox received a level II recognition in the Master Board program. Board members Mike Savage, Myron Cottam, Melaney Draper, and Superintendent Dalton received a level I recognition in the Master Board program.  The State of Utah is comprised of 40 school districts.  Only sixteen districts in the State had all of their board members receive a level I or level II recognition. The Garfield School Board was one of the sixteen Districts recognized by the Utah State School Boards Association. The Master Board program was developed by the USBA to train local school boards to be highly effective through their professional development program.  The Master Board program focuses on five areas of achievement which include continuous improvement, advocacy, community engagement/collaborative relationship, accountability and foundations of effective government.  For additional information on the Master Board program you can visit the following link:

I would like to congratulate each of the Garfield County School Board Members on this accomplishment and thank them for their dedication to students, faculty, and staff in the District.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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