School District Calendar Change

With the cancelation of school last week in the Bryce Valley and Panguitch schools, we are required to make-up the instructional day to be compliant with the 180 day requirement set by the State School Board. For this reason, we are unable to simply extend the instructional time on a Friday because it is already counted as one of the 180 days of instruction. In order for the District to be compliant with 180 day statute, we must add an additional day of instruction to the school calendar to make-up the school cancelation. Boulder Elementary, Bryce Valley Elementary, Bryce Valley High School, Panguitch Elementary, Panguitch Middle and Panguitch High School will attend a regular full day of school on Wednesday April 1st and a half day of school on April 2nd. Please know, we understand families may have plans for Spring Break and if the change in the school schedule has interfered with those plans, we apologize for any inconvenience. I would also like to make you aware of two social networking platforms Garfield School District is using to more effectively communicate with parents and the communities. Follow the District on these social networking webpages: or on Twitter @GarfieldSchools. The District will use the social networking communication to provide you with instant messages from the District. Please take time to follow Garfield School District so we can communicate more effectively with you.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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