2016 Concurrent Enrollment Changes

With recent legislative changes, Math III (11th grade) is now required for students to enroll in any concurrent enrollment math course.  The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) adopted rules effective in August of 2016.  One of the changes is if a student completes Math I, II, and III with an average grade of “C,” they can enroll in Math 1010 without an 18 on the ACT.  However, students may still use the ACT or Accuplacer scores to place them in concurrent enrollment courses.  Students who want to enroll in Math 1030 (Intro to Quantities Reasoning), Math 1040 (Intro to Statistics), or Math 1050 (College Algebra) must have both a “C” average in Math I, II, III and meet the ACT requirements set by the universities, which has been a 23 on the ACT in the past.   Please also note, if a student completes Math 1010 with a “C” or higher, they are also eligible to enroll in Math 1030, 1040, or 1050.  Depending on the student’s career path, they need to select the correct math course.  To help facilitate this process, I suggest for students and parents to visit with their high school counselor.  Please be aware of the new changes by USHE as a student’s 9th grade math class may impact the future opportunities of concurrent enrollment courses.  If you have question or if I can be of assistance, please contact me at the district office.

Ben Dalton


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