Laptops For Students

While some districts have tried a grade or maybe even a school, Garfield County School District announces plans to move the entire district’s grades 4-12 population to a 1:1 computer ratio, which places a laptop computer in the hands of all those students who wish to receive one.  While there are some hoops to jump through concerning replacement insurance to cover the devices, parents are encouraged to plan to embrace this new offering just after schools start in August.

For those interested in purchasing your child’s computer independent of the district, our systems are a little different than a MAC or Windows machine.  The district is using the Google Operating System similar to the one that is common in the Android phone market.  In particular, the district will use the Chrome OS that is currently featured in the industry termed Chromebook.  The district currently has an inventory of Samsung, Lenovo, and Dell machines.  Each of these platforms run the Chrome OS and are compatible with the district’s technology plan.

If you choose to purchase your own machines, to be 100% compliant, they must be a “Chromebook” running the Chrome OS.  These machines are made by a variety of manufacturers including Samsung, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and a few others.  You do not need to have the exact models that we use but you do have to have a recent model Chromebook to perform all functions of the district platform.

For those of you that have already purchased a computer for your student.  Depending on the OS (Windows, MAC OS, Linux, etc.), most district platform functions will still be available however certain functions such as mandatory testing may be impacted by the non-Chrome operating system.

Please watch for additional information throughout the summer.

Tracy Davis, Superintendent

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