School Attendance

After completing the first full month of school, I thought a discussion concerning school attendance would be an excellent topic.   Nationally, September is considered National School Attendance Month and schools and districts spend time to alert students and the public that student attendance in public education is a great program for our students, parents and institutions.

For the most part, our entire childhood is spent in school.  School allows us to learn vision and wisdom while spending our days with friends learning the social attributes needed to survive in later life.  In today’s society, both mom and dad may work and school allows everyone in the household to leave for the day and return for a reunion at night.  Schools provide an atmosphere for our children to learn to deal with adults, other cultures and student diversity.  A student’s love for music or art is found at school.  Creativity is developed and academia is mastered.  Team spirit and team work is developed, rules are followed and end results are realized.

Why is daily attendance important?  This answer is simple; we only have 13 years to prepare you for life.  You cannot afford to miss a single day.  The school bell will ring for the final time in every student’s life.  Daily education will change to making a living and all of us know that we can’t sluff that or just not show up.  Let’s keep education a priority for our children and help those 13 years propel our youth into a great and prosperous future.

Tracy Davis, Superintendent

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