Intervention Specialist

New for this year, the district has created the formal position of Intervention Specialist.  Mrs. Kim Quarnberg has accepted the full-time position where she splits her time between Panguitch, Bryce Valley, and Escalante High Schools.

In the past year, Mrs. Quarnberg worked part-time helping students with grade recovery and working to get them credits towards graduation.  This year, the program added the component to help students not fail any classes.  Our goal with Mrs. Quarnberg is to increase the student graduation rate, help students remain in school, and make good on our expectation of “Empowering and Motivating Lifelong Learners.”

Mrs. Quarnberg is available to meet with students, teachers, and parents in any combination.  Her job is to work towards the student’s success.  If she notes something adding a negative effect, she will work to minimize that factor.  Parents should contact Mrs. Quarnberg through the school counselor should you want to discuss an intervention for your student.  She can help students maintain or recover eligibility for school athletics, provide a plan to recover lost credit for whatever reason, and provide a liaison service between students and teachers.  October is National Dropout Prevention month.  If your student is behind on their requirements, contact our new Intervention Specialist, Mrs. Quarnberg.

Tracy Davis, Superintendent

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