Survey Time

Many of you with children in the school system have recently received an email or paper notice asking that you participate in a survey, where the questions are specifically directed towards you as a parent and your dealings with the school system. This has been provided to you in other years and its purpose is to allow all stakeholders an option to comment on the current standing of our schools. Last July, the school board discussed findings from last year’s survey and what we could do to alleviate some of the negative findings and celebrate the positive aspects of our schools operation.

The survey was put together for the region by the Utah Education Policy Center at the University of Utah. Also known as the Utah Educator Effectiveness Survey, the survey allows faculty, patrons, and students to voice concerns with our education process, knowing that the results will go back to the principal and teachers to help drive instruction. You do not have to take this survey, but we would appreciate your personal input. We want all faculty, parents, and students to share their opinions so we can make changes that we may not be aware of.

The results are anonymous. Your name is not on the survey and there is no way to pinpoint who wrote or entered what. Results will only be reported after all of the answers are combined together; therefore, nobody will know what an individual said. All student surveys will be administered using their Chromebooks. We have the ability to place the survey prompt on their desktops and they will take the survey as part of their Language Arts class. Faculty survey links have been sent to each faculty member individually. Parents can go to the district web page and hit the link. The district is located at: Additionally, if you are a user of the district’s portal to access student grades or lunch balance information, you may have received a link in your email you provide when you created an account on SIS Aspire. Hurry, the survey expires on Friday, February 10th. We welcome your input to drive education in Garfield County.

Tracy Davis