Hey, Did You Hear?

Congratulations to the Bryce Valley Girls on their basketball win and being crowned the 1A State Champs. These events will be remembered for life as will other events from our student’s education years. I thought for a moment about some of the events and accomplishments that have occurred this year in our schools and several come to mind. When I was reviewing some of our accomplishments, I was reminded of the excellent scores attained by Mr. Clint Barney’s math classes at PMS for the past SAGE testing window. Mr. Barney had the highest math scores in the state for the middle school category. Congratulations to Mr. Barney and his students. BVHS Math and PMS Language Arts scores as a whole were excellent and competed well with others in the state. Antimony, Boulder, Escalante, and Panguitch Elementary students exceeded the state and district average on all subjects. BVES received a final “B” grade for 2015 and 2016. Science scores at Escalante High have exceeded the state and district average for the past three years.

The PHS boys captured the 1A Cross Country Title. Congratulations to the team and Coach Yardley.
Great progress has occurred in our IT Department with Jason Eyre. All students in grades 4-12 have a Chromebook for their use daily. The program for the most part has worked flawlessly. Jason continues to work for student access to usable internet Wi-Fi throughout the district at private locations.
The district is in the process or reorganizing our K-3 Reading program to align with state mandates. This should provide additional resources to our students and also help them as they increase their literacy potential from grade to grade.
Ms. Shawn Caine of PHS has been serving as the UACTE President for the Information Technology section in Utah. Her students have been very active in providing internet video broadcasting services for various activities at the high school as well as a public service to the community.
As we continue into the second semester of school and as the daylight hours increase, spring is coming and the end of school will be upon us. I encourage all parents to actively work with your students to understand why we take end-of-year tests and what this valuable information can do to help fix some of the problems in education. Our schools are great in Garfield County and our students are even better. Success is in the air; let’s all work together to make our year end finish well.