HB286 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

During the general legislative session of 2014, HB286 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, was sponsored by Rep. Romero and Sen. Adams.  The goal was to make training and information on child sexual abuse available to all school employees, elementary parents, and students in an effort to provide school employees, parents, and students a means of recognizing warning signs of a child who is being sexually abused and effective, age-appropriate methods for discussing the topic of child sexual abuse with a child.

HB286 language also says a school district may provide instruction on child sexual abuse prevention and awareness to elementary school students using age-appropriate curriculum.  With the key word being “may,” Garfield County School District has chosen not to provide this instruction to our students but parents may use our curriculum to teach their children as they see fit.  District staff as well as parents are welcome to receive state approved instruction by participating in the district sponsored vendor training.  This training is provided free of charge in an online, web based package.

HB286 also states that Youth Serving Adults (YSA) shall receive initial and yearly ongoing training.  YSAs are describes as any adult who works with children not related to them. This includes teachers, coaches, nurses, volunteers, advocates, and other paid and non-paid staff.  In essence, all employees and volunteers of the school system must receive this training during the 2017 school year.  To begin instruction, please go to the district webpage www.garfk12.org and register for an account and click register for HB 286 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.

As a district, we have chosen to go with the vendor Prevent Child Abuse Utah.  The course is very informative and is worthy of anyone’s time.  Statistics yield trends and information that may not be normally known.  I have taken the course and feel the curriculum is minimally invasive.

Tracy Davis