Online Registration Preschool and Kindergarten

SY 21-22 Student Registration Is Now Open

Online Registration (2021-2022)

Please read the instructions if you have not registered a student before.


Submit the following required registration documents to the school

  1. Official Birth Certificate (what does this mean?)
  2. Immunizations Kindergarten / 7th Grade (or exemption paperwork)
  3. Proof of residency (x2), when living within our school boundaries (unsure of what qualifies as proof?)

If you have a child who will be five years of age before September 2, 2021, he/she qualifies for the 2021-2022 Kindergarten program.

Is your Student Ready for Kindergarten?

Instructions for Registration

Step 1.

Step 2. 

Please read the instructions on the screen.  Either register/enroll your student(s) as a NEW student or a student that is CURRENTLY ATTENDING or has PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED (this means anytime they attended, even if it was years ago) a school at GCSD.

 A parent account is required to register/enroll your student(s). Options to create an account are under each category.  Please select the appropriate tab depending on the status of the student(s) to be registered.

Step 3.

New student screen with existing ASPIRE account.  Student(s) enrolled will show up for selection if currently or previously enrolled.

Step 4.

Select the next school year tab.

Step 5.

Select school

Step 6.

Select grade

Step 7

Complete the registration process.





Please contact your school for questions if you need help.

What Qualifies as Proof of Residency?

Before a student is enrolled in a Utah public school, the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must show proof of Utah residency in the school district in which the student desires to enroll.
(U.C.A. §53A-2-201)

To be enrolled in Garfield County School District, families must present two (2) forms of documentation (to be copied) showing that their primary residence (the house in which they live) lies within the school boundaries. Any combination of the following documents may be used in determining residency, and they must include parent or legal guardian’s name (custodial parent or parent student lives with), and physical address:

  • Rental/Lease Agreement

  • Purchase/Escrow Agreement

    Dated within the past 60 days:

  • Utility bill (power, gas, water, telephone, cable)

  • Letter from approved government agency (assisted housing, food stamps, unemployment payment)

  • Payroll stub

  • Bank or credit card statement

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Current vehicle registration or insurance

  • Valid Utah photo identification card

  • Medical billing or insurance information

    Dated within the past year:

    • W-2 form

    • Property tax bill

      If you are living with another family or you cannot provide any of the documentation listed above:

      Provide a notarized Affidavit of Residency from the person with whom you are living stating that

      you and your child(ren) live there and for what period of time; AND

2. A document showing that the person with whom you are living resides within the district and

school boundaries. (See acceptable documents above.)

*The following DO NOT establish residency:
• Powers of Attorney
• Letters from friends or relatives
• Property owned in school district boundaries • P.O. Box in school boundaries

Kindergarten and Early Childhood Immunization Requirements

7th Grade Immunization Requirements


Upon enrollment of a student for the first time in a particular school, that school shall notify in writing the person enrolling the student that within 30 days he must provide either a certified copy of the student’s birth certificate, or other reliable proof of the student’s identity and age, together with an affidavit explaining the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate (53G-9-302).