News Article #1

I would like thank all of those who attended the “Meet the Superintendent” meeting. I appreciated the opportunity to give the tax paying citizens accurate information about Garfield County School District. I would like to thank those parents that were involved with making the arrangements for the meeting. Ongoing information from the School District will be published in the newspaper each month in an effort to continue to provide information for our communities.

Garfield County School District would like to welcome Mr. Rod Quarnberg as the new Administrator at Panguitch High School. He will be half time administrator and half time math teacher teaching three periods of upper level mathematics at PHS. He plans to relocate to the Panguitch area. We would also like to welcome the new Special Education Director, Mr. Chris Kupfer who comes to GCSD with several years of experience.

Mrs. Betty Ann Rember will transfer to Escalante to be the Administrator at Escalante High, Escalante Elementary and Boulder Elementary Schools.

Mr. Nick Reynolds will be the Administrator of Panguitch Middle and Panguitch Elementary Schools. He will also be over the mentoring program for all Level 1 teachers. Ms. Julie Chidester will teach full time at Panguitch Middle and High School.

Mrs. Lisa Breinholt will transfer to Bryce Valley High School to be the full time Language Arts Teacher.

Mr. Layne LeFevre will be half time Administrator of Bryce Valley Elementary and half time shop teacher at Escalante High School

Mr. Jeff Brinkerhoff will be half time Administrator of Bryce Valley High and half time shop teacher at Bryce Valley High School

Mr. Ralph Perkins will teach two periods at Panguitch High School. He will also teach two periods at the Garfield County Jail to help with the Adult Education Program. In order to fill the two periods vacated by Mr. Perkins at PHS we will be looking for someone in the community to teach shop at PHS. Those who may be interested with qualifications, please contact the District Office.

Mr. Curtis Barney will be the new CTE Director in training to replace Brent Judd for the next school year.

GCSD will offer a three part program at the PHS EDNET facility. The first component will be a student section which will allow high school students to take college classes for concurrent enrollment. The students will be able to take the classes at no tuition cost. Students will only pay for the cost of the books. This option will allow students to achieve an Associates’ Degree by the time they graduate. If a student receives an Associate Degree before they graduate, they will be eligible for the Century Scholarship which has a $20,000 value to be used toward the completion of a college degree. The second component is the Adult Education section. This will allow anyone who has not received a high school diploma to enroll in classes at the EDNET facility to complete their graduation requirements and receive an Adult Education Diploma. The third Section of the EDNET Program will allow adults in the community to take college classes and work toward the completion of their Bachelors’ Degree.

Jenny Fisher will be the EDNET Coordinator. GCSD will be holding an open house in August to answer questions about the program.

-Ben Dalton, Superintendent

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