News Article #2

Garfield County School District News

Mr. Nick Frandsen will join Panguitch High School teaching two periods of Shop for the 2011-
2012 school year. It has been several years since Panguitch High has offered shop classes
and we look forward to him sharing his expertise with the students.

Mr. Gary Bennett will be the Counselor at Panguitch Middle and High Schools as well
as Escalante High. He will be based out of Panguitch High but, will have counseling
responsibilities in both locations. These added responsibilities will help justify a full-time
counselor in the District.

Negotiations are near finalization with the classified and certified employees. Several items
need to be approved through the School Board but, the general agreement will be a 4%
pay cut for all classified and certified employees. This percentage cut will save the District
approximately $170,000 in gross payroll. Dental insurance premiums will no longer be covered
by the the District; benefited employees will have the option to buy dental insurance if they
choose. This benefit change will save the District approximately $120,000.

An EDNET Open House will be held in Panguitch to answer any questions the public may have
about concurrent enrollment for students, adult education information, or college classes for
adults. The Open House is scheduled for August 10, 2011 (Wednesday) from 5:00-7:00 PM at
Panguitch High School. Please plan on attending if you have questions regarding EDNET.
The 2011-2012 school year is just around the corner with the first day being August 18,
2011. For more District details and to view the District Calendar, please visit our website at:

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