News Article #4

We have successfully completed our first week of school. I would like to say thank you to the faculties and staffs at each school for their hard work and dedication to educate our students. I know many of them have put in countless hours to make sure we were ready for school to start.
Another positive highlight from the first day of school–enrollment numbers are the same as our October 1 count last year. This is very good news for the district because a large part of our funding is based on student enrollment.
State Superintendent Larry Shumway and Assistant Superintendent Martell Menlove will be visiting Garfield School District on September 1, 2011. They will begin their visit at Antimony Elementary and then head to the District Office where they will discuss the unique dynamics of the District and have a “question and answer” session with School Board members and school community council groups. They will also be hosting a Regional Superintendent Meeting at the District Office. We appreciate their time in making this visit to our district.

Negotiations have wrapped up between the school board and GEA and GSEA. Teacher’s contracts will be sent out in the very new future.
I would like to thank everyone who has been out to support our “Back to School” nights. We need the support and involvement of parents to have a successful school district.
–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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