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Parents should be able to access students ID and passwords to access their grades, lunch balances, attendance and current contact information. I would like to encourage all parents or legal guardians to make sure the schools have current contact information such as phone numbers and current mailing address. This contact information is used extensively in our schools so please take some time to check this information.

We have ordered A+ software for adults who would like work towards getting their High School diplomas. We will be providing this service at the Panguitch High EdNet facility. We should be able to offer these classes in the next few weeks. If you are interested in completing your High School requirement or participating in higher education classes please visit Jenni Fisher in the EdNet.

We have awarded bids and sold multiple surplus items including, cars, cement mixers, generators and lawn mowers. We would like to thank those of you who submitted bid on these items.

I would like to thank those of you who are becoming involved in Community Councils. I know many of you have listed your names as candidates and have voted for parent representative on these councils. I appreciate your willingness to donate your time and serve on these committees. You input is vital to the direction of the schools in relation to the School Trust Land monies. I had one report from Escalante Elementary say they had 15 parents want to be on the School Community Councils. In previous years, the school administration would just appoint parents due to a lack of names for the available seats. So once again, thank you for taking pride in your schools and donating your time for the betterment of our schools.

In the upcoming articles we will be discussing the testing results for students on the Garfield School District. You can view these results on our district web page. I will be discussing the testing results in more detail in the future.

The success of a community is determined by each of its members. On behalf of the administration and staff in the Garfield School District, I extend an invitation to you in forming a partnership in the development of your child’s future by becoming involved in your local school. Together we can achieve great things.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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