Escalante Staffing Changes

I would like to inform the public of some staffing changes in Garfield School District next year.  The special education teacher in Escalante, Dean Harrison, resigned on March 23 to take a position in Logan, Utah.  We wish him the best of luck in his new job.  The District has been advertising the special education position over the past month.  To cover responsibilities for remaining school year, the District will assign the current Escalante Elementary special education responsibilities to Nathan Platt and the high school special education files to Phoebe Wiseman.  These assignments will be temporary until the end of the year. The District mailed letters to the parents of the special education students in each of these schools to inform them of these changes.  The special education position remains open and we are taking applications.  We will hire a new Special Education Teacher at the end of the year to cover Escalante Elementary, Escalante High School and Boulder Elementary.  With many current teaching contracts ending in May and new college graduates, we feel like we could increase the applicant pool to help the District find the best applicant for this position.  If you have questions relating to the staffing of the special education students in Escalante or the District, please call the District or email Chris Kupfer at chris for more information.

The District also received the resignation letter of Amanda Johnson, the current math teacher in Escalante High School.  We are sad to see Mrs. Johnson go, as she is an outstanding teacher who works very hard to improve the education of the students in Escalante High School.   Mrs. Johnson will remain in Escalante to fill her contract year and leave after the school year is completed.  The District will be filling this position will a Level 3 or Level 4 math teacher.  Escalante High School will have two new staff members on their faculty next year.  If you know of an individual that has the appropriate certification and would be interested in either of these two positions, please encourage them to apply.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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