What Counts

On April 11, 2012, the Garfield County School Board held a public discussion forum at Bryce Valley High School called “What Counts”.  Each School Board member personally invited several individuals from all of the communities in the county.  Representatives from city and town councils participated also to give input on unique educational issues facing their communities.  Over fifty people attended the “What Counts” meeting.  During the work session, each group had to answer two questions with the first being, ‘What are the promises we must keep regarding the education of our children as well as the promises to parents and the communities?’ and the second question, ‘What are the characteristics of a quality education?’  Each group generated responses and opinions to view and discuss.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the groups prioritized the responses based on a voting process.  With these prioritized lists, the School Board will draw from them to develop the future School Board goals that will give direction and vision to the District in the upcoming years.  It was impressive to see the results of the discussion.  Various responses expressed expected goals and concerns from the community, but many responses identified resourceful ways we can improve in our public education system. I would personally like to thank the School Board for inviting the individuals and a special thanks to Board Member Cheryl Cox for organizing the activity.  I would also like to thank those in the public who participated in the process.   We truly value their opinions and look forward to reaching the expectations identified in the discussions.  As the School Board develops these goals, I will publish them in this newspaper and on the District web page.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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