GCSD Committees

I would like to inform the public of four committees that Garfield School District is in the process of forming.  The first committee is for teacher evaluations.  This committee will help develop the teaching standards by which all formal evaluation processes will be completed in the District.  It will be composed of parents, teachers and administrators.  This committee will help develop an evaluation tool for administrators to use when evaluating the teacher and the educational process.  I currently have seven parents, three administrators and four teachers who have expressed an interest in this committee.

The second is a math text book adoption committee.  This committee will look at the Utah Core Teaching Standards for math and compare different math text books and how they align with the standards.  I have asked for elementary and high school math teachers to serve on the committee.  I currently have three parents and six teachers who would like to serve on this committee.

The third will be a health education committee.  This committee will review the entire curriculum relating to 8th and 10th grade health classes.  They will also preview the maturation presentation provided by the Utah State Office of Education.  This committee will make a recommendation to the School Board to adopt the specific materials they would suggest be taught in these classes.  I currently have eight parents and five teachers who would like serve on this committee.

The fourth committee will work toward compiling the District policies related specifically to certified (teacher) policies. These policies were last updated over ten years ago and need to be brought into current compliance with State Statutes and Board Rules that have been adopted since that time.   I currently have three teachers and myself on this committee.  I would like to find more teachers and parents who would be willing to work through this process.  A very rough draft of the certified policies is available on our District web page under the School Board tab and draft policies.

In an effort to involve the parents and the public in this process, I would welcome anyone who would like to serve on these committees to please contact the District office.  As these committees come together to make the recommendations needed, they will have a major impact in shaping the educational process in the District.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in the District office anytime.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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