Garfield School District Positions

We are in the process of advertising for four positions in the District.  The first position will be at Escalante High School.  This position will be advertised as a part-time administrator and a part-time teaching position with preference given to math or science endorsements.  This position is not an increase in staffing at Escalante High School; it is a replacement for the vacant full-time math position.  Garfield County School District will also be advertising for three elementary positions.  One position will be at Panguitch Elementary and paid totally out of the school’s trust land funds. Trust Land monies are allocated by the State of Utah to be spent under the direction of a school improvement plan approved by the school community council.  The school community councils are comprised of parents, teachers and administrators.   The second will be a 1st / 2nd full-time teaching position at Escalante Elementary.  This position is vacant because two teachers will be retiring from Escalante Elementary at the end of the year.  The third full-time position will be at Boulder Elementary teaching K-6.

You may ask why we are rehiring positions when the District has released three provisional teachers.  The answer is:  we needed to have 3 full-time teaching equivalent (FTE) cuts in the District.  In an attempt to explain how the District can hire new positions and still have a 3 FTE staffing cuts please refer to the following diagram.

Staffing Cuts/Vacancies                                    Staffing Rehire
1 FTE Provisional  Elem                                      1 FTE teacher at PES  (Paid out of PES trust lands monies)
1 FTE Provisional  Elem                                      1 FTE Teacher at Boulder
1 FTE Provisional  Elem                                      1 FTE Teacher at Escalante Elem
1 FTE Math EHS                                                 1 FTE Admin/Teacher EHS
1 FTE Retirement                                                3 FTE teacher rehires at the District level
1 FTE Retirement
6 FTE cuts total
From the above chart you can see with the re-hires we will still have a 3 FTE reduction in overall staffing changes.  We will advertise the positions open to the public in next few weeks.  If you have questions or would like additional information please contact me.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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