Thank You

I have been the Superintendent of schools in Garfield County School District for one year.   As you know, it has been a year filled with changes and difficult decisions.  I did not create the previous problems in the District, but it is my responsibility to correct them.  I am glad to report to the citizens of Garfield County that because of these decisions we are well on our way to financial stability in the District.   I would personally like to thank the public for allowing me to be the Superintendent in such a wonderful District surrounded by excellent faculty and staff members. They each work diligently to help improve the education for our students.  I would also like to thank everyone for making my family feel welcome in your communities.  My family has grown to love the schools, the communities and the area.  I would like everyone to know that I am committed to the long-term, well being of the education process for our students here in the Garfield School District.  I realize the importance of transparency in our finances and welcome public input on educational issues.  The Fiscal Year 2013 Budget, School Board minutes, and future Board items are available on our District web page.  Thanks again for allowing me the privilege of being the Superintendent in the District and I look forward to many years of serving the students and citizens of Garfield County.

Superintendent Ben Dalton

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