10-hour Block Classes

I have met with High School counselors and administration to solidify a schedule for the 10-period block.  If you recall, Garfield School District will be teaching on a 10-period block next year for grades 7-12.  This means five periods will be taught one day and five periods will be taught the following day.  Mathematics will be taught every day in grades 7-12.  In 7th and 8th grade language arts will be taught every day.  The rest of the classes in the schedule will be every other day.  One of the advantages of a common 10-period block is the ability to provide classes electronically to all students in the District.  After the scheduling meeting, it was decided to digitally stream the following classes electronically; these classes will be available at each high school in the District, taught by our teachers:  Chemistry, Physics, Spanish I, Math 1 Honors, Math 2 Honors, and Pre-Calculus, Psychology, creative writing, five CTE classes and a college History 1700.  Some additional classes are business economics, teen living, cabinet and mill working.  These classes were identified as the most critical and the best offerings we could provide in an electronic forum.   As the schedules come together, the next step will be to review the graduation requirements in the District.  These graduation requirements will be in place before the start of the next school year.  The start and end times of the school day will also need to be discussed and decided before August.  We are moving forward with the 10-period block and providing more classes for students than we have seen in many years.  As I looked at the schedules, I noticed classes like ceramics, choir, sports medicine, floriculture, drafting, environmental science and many concurrent enrollment classes

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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