Panguitch City Pool Update 2

My intention with this article is to simply inform the public of the current status of the Panguitch City pool. On October 30th, 2012 the Garfield County School Board met with Panguitch City to discuss the Panguitch City Pool.  Panguitch City requested the meeting with School Board; it was held in Tropic at the Heritage Center.  The School District held a regular School Board meeting to discuss options associated with the pool.   Some of the Panguitch City council members discussed numbers they would consider to sell the pool to the School District.  The money to purchase the pool will come out of the District capital account which is not money used to pay for salaries; it is used for buildings and building maintenance.  The School Board made a motion to cancel the pool agreement with Panguitch City, purchase the swimming pool and easement for $181,000 and also provide the District with the option to use the wrestling room in the old high school for two years.  The motion was seconded; the vote was three in favor of the motion, one apposed and one abstention so the motion passed 3-1-1.  Panguitch City did not have formal City Council meeting so they could not make any motion in the meeting.  Panguitch City will meet to discuss this proposal on Tuesday November 13th at 6:30 pm.

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