Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is an option available to high school students who are academically prepared to enroll in college courses and are interested in taking on additional coursework. For example, students who want to study classes not offered at their high school may seek supplemental education at colleges nearby. If a student is enrolled in a concurrent enrollment class, they can receive credit in both the college and the high school for the class.  In the 2010-2011 school year, the students in the Garfield County School District received a total of 33 concurrent enrollment credits.  As a comparison, in the 2011-2012 school year, the students in the School District received a total of 233 concurrent enrollment credits.  This is great news for our students; they are receiving more college credit now than they ever have in the past.  Students have more opportunities as they take these classes because when they enroll in college, many of them are enrolling as sophomores which allow them preferences over entry level freshman.  When you attach a dollar figure to the concurrent enrollment credits, students and parents can see the savings.  If these students attended Southern Utah University for instance, they would pay $421 per credit, which is the current rate.   This savings grows considerably the more credits students receive.   For this current school year, we have more students enrolled in concurrent enrollment classes than we had last year; so, I am anticipating nearly doubling the number of college credits earned by our students.  If you have a student who is enrolled in concurrent enrollment classes they are ahead of the game both in credits earned and financial savings.

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