EES Recognized by USOE

The Utah State Office of Education recently recognized Escalante Elementary as a High Performing and High Progress Title 1 School.  To earn this award, a school must achieve progress in both language arts and math tests given to all students at the end of the school year.  They must also qualify by successfully passing the language arts and math test for at least two years. In addition, the school must achieve at or above the Utah state average in both subjects on the most recent set of tests.  From the requirements listed above, you can see this is a very prestigious recognition for Escalante Elementary.  The Garfield School District appreciates the dedicated service of teachers and staff who work hard with parents and students to achieve these high levels of student performance. On behalf of the Garfield County School Board, I would personally like to commend the students and faculty for their academic accomplishments.



Proposed Recognition

UCAS Achievement 2-year average

UCAS Growth

2-year average

UCAS Overall Score 2-year average

Language Arts/Math Percent Proficient

2-year average

Escalante School

High Performing School





 –Superintendent Ben Dalton

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