Student Class Offerings

Garfield County School District is in the beginning stages of developing a registration schedule for high school students for the upcoming school year.  In April, we would like to have parents and students register for 2013-2014 classes during the SEOP conferences.  As we evaluated the 10 Period Block this year, I felt it was important to let the parents know of the additional class offerings being provided to the students.  The following list shows additional classes that are being offered to the students this year that were previously not found in the high school schedules. The number following the class designates the number of students enrolled in the class.

New classes at Bryce Valley High School include:

Language Arts 12 (19)                     Study Skills (29)                              Intro to Health Science (25)

Math 1050 (9)                                  Keyboarding 7 (11)                          Leadership/Business Economics (21)

Plant/Soil Science (12)                   Teen Living (17)                                History 1700 (7)

Spanish (2)                                      Chemistry (12)                                 Pre-Calculus (13)

Physics (10)


New classes at Escalante High School include:

Spanish (12)                                       Chemistry (5)                                     Physics (2)

Pre-Calculus (5)                                  History 1700 (2)                                 Study Hour (22)

Desktop Publishing (10)


New classes at Panguitch High School include:

Study Hour (32)                                Math Study Hour (17)                      Music/Choir (20)

History 1700 (10)                              Drama (30)                                      Drafting (10)

Wood Working (34)                           Math 1050 (10)                                Painting (21)

Child Development (19)                    Medical Terminology (19)                Digital media (16)


–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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