New School Board Members and the T.H. Bell Scholarship

The Garfield School District opened the first board meeting of the 2013 school year with the swearing in of three new School Board members.  The new School Board members are Melaney Draper, Mike Savage, and Myron Cottam.  Ken Platt and Cheryl Cox also remain on the board.  The first Board meeting went very well and I look forward to working with the new Board to continue improving the education for the students in the District.  On a different note, I would like to inform the public of an excellent scholarship opportunity for new students entering college or students who are currently attending a college or university.  The T. H. Bell teaching incentive scholarship allows students who are interested in becoming a teacher and teaching in the State of Utah to receive a waiver for tuition and fees at Utah public institutions and $995 per semester at Utah private institutions to be used for a period not to exceed eight semesters. Upon the completion of graduation, the new teachers will be required to teach for a term equal to the number of years for which the scholarship was received.  I would strongly encourage anyone who may be considering a career in education to apply for the T.H. Bell teaching incentive scholarship.  When districts have the opportunity to hire their local students back as teachers they have a much higher probability of retaining these teachers over new teachers who may not be familiar with the area or do not have family ties to the communities.  Find more information on the T.H. Bell scholarship at the following website:

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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