New Lighting Upgrade

GCSD Lighting Upgrades

As you enter the schools and gymnasiums this year, you will notice improvements in our lighting systems throughout the District.  Last year, Garfield School District approved a lighting upgrade for Panguitch High School.  All of the lights in the classrooms and the gymnasium were replaced with high efficient energy saving fixtures that create a brighter work area.  With the instillation of the high efficient lights, the District was able to receive $24,458 from the Rocky Mountain Power incentive program.  When the project was completed, Rocky Mountain Power inspected the upgrade and provided the District with the additional funds.  The District took this money and continued to replace older less efficient lighting structures throughout the District starting in Bryce Valley and expanding to Escalante. The money has been reinvested in the gymnasiums in both areas with improvements to the auditorium and classrooms.  The old gym in Escalante will receive the new lights along with the gym at Bryce Valley Elementary. Also, any classrooms that are not using the new lighting fixtures will be replaced.   The schools in Bryce Valley and Escalante do not qualify for the Rocky mountain power incentive because they use Garkane Energy and there is currently no incentive available in these areas.  However, the District reinvested the money from Rocky Mountain power to provide better lighting, save energy and ultimately save the tax payers money on future utility bills.  It is interesting to note that, the average utility costs for a high school in the winter will run anywhere from $3,800 to $5,000 per month for electricity.  With the new lights in place we expect to see a significant decrease in the utility costs in the future.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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