Technology in the Classroom

Garfield School District continues to improve technology accessibility for students. A few months ago, I discussed that Garfield School District awarded mini grants to the teachers who requested classroom materials.  Recently, the District has provided over 300 new Chrome Books (lap top computers) to students in the classroom.  During this legislative session, there was some discussion about the “1 to 1” initiative; which means one device for every student in the school.  “1 to 1” is also associated with each student being assigned to a portable device or computer.  The District currently has 700 Chrome Books directly available to students in the classrooms.  If you total all of the computers in labs, on teacher’s desks and in the classrooms; we have over 1100 computers in the District.  With approximately 960 students in the District, this exceeds the “1 to 1” ratio.  The District is committed to providing the most up to date technology for teachers and the students in the classroom.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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