Senate Bill 38

In the 2014 Legislative Session, SB 38 was passed and signed by the Governor.  I would personally like to thank Senator Ralph Okerlund and Representative Kay McIff for sponsoring SB 38.  Rural Superintendents proposed the idea to Legislators a year ago in an attempt to provide students in rural Utah with an increased opportunity to enroll in additional concurrent enrollment courses.  The bill will allocate $1.3 million dollars of ongoing funding to Snow College to provide concurrent enrollment courses to high school students in the State of Utah.  Students and parents in Garfield School District will benefit by the implementation of this bill.  Starting in the Fall of 2014, Juniors and Seniors will be able to enroll in the new concurrent enrollment classes offered by Snow College.  The intent of the bill is to have Snow College broadcast all of the concurrent enrollment classes a student would need to allow them to receive their Associate’s Degree in two years while they are attending high school.  Prior to the passing of this bill, students in Garfield School District were only offered a limited number of class offerings each year which prohibited them from completing their Associates Degree. Now, with the passing of this Legislation, students will be allowed the opportunity to enroll in all of the classes needed for their Associate’s Degree.  When a student completes their Associates Degree before they graduate high school, they are eligible to receive approximately $20,000 in scholarship money that can be used at any college or university in the State of Utah.  This scholarship is called The New Century Scholarship, for additional information on the century scholarship you can select the following link:

If a student is willing to dedicate themselves to the concurrent enrollment program now offered in our schools, and they receive their Associate’s Degree before they graduate, they can receive enough money form the Century Scholarship to pay for their additional two years of college.  This allows a student to receive their Bachelor’s degree two years after they graduate and at a very minimal cost to the students.  I will be visiting the three high schools in the next few weeks to inform the Sophomores and Juniors of their options regarding concurrent enrollment.  If your student is interested in working towards their college degree, they need to visit with their high school counselor and enroll in Snow College as a concurrent enrollment student.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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