GCSD Staffing Changes

As the District plans for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year, the necessity arises to make changes in staffing assignments to align with student populations and teacher endorsements.  Each year, the District evaluates the class offerings needed for graduation, the number of students in each grade and the teacher’s certifications to determine if changes in staffing would benefit the students academically.   I want to make you aware of the latest staffing changes for the 2014-2015 school year in Garfield School District.  We have had a difficult time attracting a science teacher to Panguitch High School.  We are in need of developing schedules in our high schools so we must solidify class schedules for next year as soon as possible.  The transfers and changes are as follows:

1- Mr. Fred Beesley (BVHS Science Teacher) will teach science one day at BVHS and one day at PHS.  The District will continue to advertise for a science teacher at PHS, if we can find a science teacher for PHS before school starts, Mr. Beesley will not need to be transferred and will remain at BHVS as a full-time science teacher.

2- Mr. Layne LeFevre will be transferred from Escalante High School as a shop teacher back to Bryce Valley High School.  Mr. LeFevre will teach shop at BVHS and continue his administrative responsibilities as principal of Bryce Valley Elementary.

3- Mr. Ryan Fisher (Social Studies teacher at EHS) will continue to teach social studies one day and shop classes the following day at EHS.  Mr. Fisher will stream a criminal justice class across the District to the students in the other two high schools.  Mr. Fischer has experience in automotive, metals and woods.

Marcy Certonio has accepted the math teaching position at PHS and will begin in August.

Also please be aware, the District has applied for Beverly Taylor Sorenson grant money for music teachers in our elementary schools.  If the District receives money from the BTS grant we would provide two hours of music at PES and BVES.  The teacher would also provide two hours of music at BVHS and PHS.  Escalante Elementary would also receive two hours of music instruction.   We will not know if we received the BTS funding until the end of May.

I would like to thank those individuals who are involved in the District transfers. I appreciate their willingness to accept the changes in their teaching assignments.
If you have any questions regarding the staffing changes, please contact me at the District office.


–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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