2014 Graduation

I would like to inform the public of the graduation ceremonies that will take place in the Garfield School District to honor the class of 2014 graduates.  The commencement ceremonies will be as follows:

·       Panguitch High School     May 21st in the high school gym at 7:00 pm

·       Bryce Valley High School May 22nd in the auditorium at 8:00 pm

·       Escalante High School May 23rd in the auditorium at 8:00 pm

The Garfield School District continues to see an increase in the number of students who are graduating from our high schools each year.   Bryce Valley High School has increased their graduation percentages from 83% in 2011, 92% in 2012 to 96% in 2013.  Escalante High School has increased their graduation percentage from 80% in 2011 to 87% in 2013.  Panguitch High School has increased from 79% in 2011 to 89% in 2012.  The District will continue to monitor each individual student’s needs to assure the student a successful pathway to graduation.  I would personally like to congratulate all of the graduating students who have earned the necessary credits to receive their high school diplomas.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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