Summer Capital Projects and FY 2015 Budget

As the schools finish another year, we are planning several capital project improvements throughout the District.  First, we will be replacing the bleachers at the high school gyms in Escalante and Panguitch.   The estimated cost for both projects will be $150,580 with a completion date of August 30th, 2014.  Second, the District will be resurfacing the tracks at Bryce Valley and Escalante High Schools.  We are estimating the cost to resurface the two tracks at approximately $130,000.   Third, we will be sanding down the high school gym floors in Panguitch, Bryce Valley and Escalante.  The gym floors will be repainted with a clear coat of water based finish which should maintain the finish without fading or yellow discolorations on the floor.  The estimated cost to resurface the gym floors in all three areas will be approximately $98,489.  We are currently waiting on bids to complete sidewalks and a parking lot at Escalante Elementary to address safety concerns when students are dropped off and picked up at school.  The District has been working extensively on the FY15 Budget during the past two months.  The Budget will be available to the public on the District web page May 29, 2014.  The School Board will be closing the FY14 Budget and adopting the FY15 Budget during their regular Board meeting on June 12,2014 at Boulder Elementary.   If you have any questions relating to the capital projects or budgets, please contact me in the District office or the Board will accept public comments during the budget adoption hearing during the Board meeting on June 12th.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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