2014-15 Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment allows students to receive credit in both college and high school classes at the same time. Over the past three years, Garfield School District has invested in providing additional academic opportunities for students who would like to pursue college credits while they attend high school. This has been achieved by increasing the connectivity capability in all three high schools, providing support staff, classroom computers, and increased wireless access. We have worked with legislators such as Senator Okerlund to help ensure funding to Snow College to provide additional concurrent enrollment classes for students. With the increased emphasis in college enrollments, the number of students enrolled in concurrent enrollment classes continues to increase in the District.

· 2010-2011 33 Credits Awarded

· 2011-2012 233 Credits Awarded

· 2012-2013 455 Credits Awarded

For the 2014-2015 school year, we are anticipating 513 credits in just the first semester. If the numbers hold true for the second semester, students will receive over 1000 college credits in one year. Students are required to pay for the college text and approximately $15.00 for each 3 credit course. To place a dollar figure on 1000 college credits, if the student enrolled as an adult at USU and paid $163 for each credit, it would be equivalent to $163,000. Basically, the students this year will earn approximately $163,000 worth of college credit in one school year. Student interest and enrollments in the concurrent enrollment program are 110 at Panguitch High, 31 at Bryce Valley High, and 30 at Escalante High for this semester. The District will continue to provide the resources students need to invest in their post-secondary schooling.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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