GCSD Grants

The Garfield School District continues to look for additional funding opportunities to improve the quality of instruction and resources to our students at no additional cost to our local tax payers. During the month of September, the GCSD has been awarded two substantial grants; which in turn, will benefit our students. The first grant awarded to the District is a federal grant from the US Department of Education for $22,027. The grant is specifically targeted to provide additional intervention to students in Title I schools. The money will be used to help with intervention programs and personnel in the primary grades. The second grant was received from the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic) Action Center to promote STEM instruction in grades 9th through 12th. The STEM grant totaled $20,000 with the utilization in all three high schools in the District. With the STEM grant funding, the District will purchase 3-D scanners and printers for Panguitch, Bryce Valley, and Escalante High Schools. The District will take the remainder of the STEM funding to purchase Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Plasma cutters that will be used to make intricate designs by allowing students to program the designs into a computer and then cut the designs in metal. The Garfield School District has also received STEM grant funding for math intervention software and reading intervention software this year. The District will continue to apply for additional grant funding to help students and teachers with the resources in the classroom.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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