FY 2016 Budget

On June 11th, Business Administrator, Patty Murphy, and I will present the FY16 Budget to the Garfield County School Board for their consideration and anticipated approval.  The District will not be seeking any additional increase in taxes from the tax payers.  We will hold the tax rates flat for the FY16 fiscal year.  I would like to thank Mrs. Murphy for all of her time and the effort she has dedicated to the District’s nearly $14 million dollar budget.  The new proposed budget includes an increase in technology resources for students such as $250,000 in student technology devices and internet security.  With an increase in funding from the Utah Legislature, the District will be able to provide a 2% increase to the District salary schedules at no additional cost to the local tax payers.  I would like to thank the Garfield County School Board for all of the time they have dedicated to the development of the FY16 Budget.  I am happy to report to the patrons of Garfield County that the Garfield School District is financially and fiscally stable with the adoption of the FY16 Budget.  If you would like a copy of the FY16 Budget you can log onto the District web page at:http://www.garfield.k12.ut.us  or you may also obtain a hard copy at the District Office.  Please also know the Garfield County School Board will be holding a public hearing on the FY16 Budget on June 11th at Boulder Elementary at 12:00pm; we would encourage everyone to attend.

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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