Garfield School District Presents Student Data to the County Commissioners

The Garfield County Commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting on June 8, 2015.The school district was invited to present information on declining student enrollment. The county commissioners will consider declaring a state of emergency to address this issue. The next County Commission Meeting will be held June 22nd in Panguitch at the courthouse.
The purpose of the County Commission meeting on June 8th was to draw attention to declining student enrollment and decreasing economic opportunity in the County. Garfield County School District officials were in attendance to provide current enrollment information and population projections to the County Commissioners.
The Garfield County School District would like to issue the following clarifying statements:
1- The Garfield County School District is providing the appropriate data to help the Garfield County Commission understand current and projected student enrollment.
2- The Garfield County School District is not planning to close schools. In fact, we are doing everything we can to keep them open.
3- The Garfield School District would like to take part in a round table discussion with key congressional leaders, state senators, state representatives, and community members to discuss options for economic development in Garfield County.
We encourage citizens to become informed by reviewing the student enrollment presentation found on the Garfield School District webpage at

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