Garfield School District Retirees

The Garfield County School District would like to congratulate the 2015 retirees! We would like to recognize two outstanding teachers in our District for the many years of service they have provided to the students.

Mrs. Pat Shakespear was hired to teach in the Garfield School District on August 21, 1984. Mrs. Shakespear has given 31 years of her life to the students in our District. I have known Mrs. Shakespear to have an extensive knowledge of reading and language arts instruction. Her kind personality coupled with her love for students will be greatly missed in the future.

The District hired Mr. Scott Barton on January 14, 1987. He has provided the students in our District with 28 years of exceptional classroom instruction. Mr. Barton has a love for science and he has been able to convey his strengths to the students in his class through a high-quality academic instruction. Mr. Barton also helps with the cross county program at Bryce Valley High School.

I would personally like to thank Mrs. Shakespear and Mr. Barton for a combined service of 59 years to the students in the Garfield School District. If Mrs. Shakespear and Mr. Barton averaged a classroom of 25 students, they would have taught an estimated 1,475 students over their 59 year career. I would also like to thank them for choosing the profession of education. We wish you the best in your future retirement.

Ben Dalton


Garfield County Schools

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