UEOE Core Curriculum Standards Public Comment

The Utah State Office of Education has recently opened a 30 and 90-day review period to receive public comment on core curriculum standards pertaining to physical education, science, and fine arts.  I encourage parents or concerned citizens to visit the following USOE core curriculum review links and provide comments to curriculum standards.

The Utah State Office of Education has announced the K-12 physical education core curriculum revision has been approved by the State Board of Education and is beginning the 90-day public review period.  Your input is important to USOE. The standards may be accessed, reviewed and evaluated on our website:  http://www.schools.utah.gov/CURR/healthpe/Revision.aspx

The science standards are in final release for a 30-day period.  This review will be held online only.  The science core revision page can be found at http://www.schools.utah.gov/CURR/science/Revision.aspx where the standards can be downloaded.  There is also a link on that page to the survey to respond regarding science standards https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SEEdReview.

The fine arts standards have been approved for 90-day review.  The fine arts revision page can be found at http://schools.utah.gov/CURR/fineart/Revision.aspx, including a link to provide feedback.

If I can be of any assistance or answer any questions, please contact me at the district office.

Ben Dalton


Garfield County School District

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