GCSD Teacher Compensation Comparison 2016

As you may know, Garfield County School District has been advertising for several new teaching positions for the 2016-2017 school year. With these advertisements, the district enters into a competitive recruiting campaign against other districts to try and attract the most qualified and best teachers for our students. Teacher shortages are being felt by all districts in the State of Utah and add to the urgency to try and entice the best candidates. When the district enters into the recruitment of a new teacher, the salaries and benefits are the first item discussed with the prospective new employees. To assess where GCSD compares to other district compensation packages, school Business Administrators participate in a summary of base salary rates, retirement and health insurance coverage. In the district summary, 38 of the 41 districts responded with compensation packages for each respected district. GCSD ranked 11th out of 38 districts in total compensation packages. GCSD ranked behind Park City, Rich, Kane, Emery, Millard, North Summit, Alpine, Beaver, South Summit and Carbon. However, GCSD ranked above North Sanpete, Tintic, Uintah, Cache, Ogden, Granite, Salt Lake City, Daggett, Iron, Piute, Nebo, Murry, Provo, South Sanpete, Weber, Morgan, Wayne, Logan, Canyons, Sevier, Duchesne, Tooele, Jordan, Grand and Box Elder in total compensation. The district is in a favorable position to attract teachers to our area. Please know, as GCSD moves up the list for teacher compensation and benefits, the probability of attracting the finest teachers to our area increases. We also understand if we can hire new teachers who are from rural Utah, the retention of these teachers also increases. As a district, we will continue to work diligently to retain and attract the most effective and highest qualified teachers to provide a quality education for your students.

Ben Dalton


Garfield School District

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