Teacher Appreciation Week

At the conclusion of teacher appreciation week, I would like to personally thank all of the teachers in our district who work diligently to provide our students with such a quality of educational opportunities that will in turn allow our students to become productive members of society.  Teachers have a very challenging occupation in meeting testing standards, designing curriculum, and providing feedback to students and parents. With that said, the emphasis the teacher places on the humanistic interaction between students makes them feel valued, intelligent, and instills a belief in our students that they can reach their dreams.  Great teachers see a student’s potential when they enter their classroom, and take their students on an educational journey where a love for learning becomes evident in their conversations and actions.  You can ask almost anyone, who was your favorite teacher? Most people respond with the teacher’s name, the grade or subject they taught, and an explanation for their selection.  Most of the time, teachers are remember for how they made the student feel in their classroom and express an appreciation for the additional knowledge they received under the stewardship.  Personally, I’m grateful for my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Long, who made feel intelligent and taught me how to read.  I have had the privilege of being a student in many wonderful teacher’s classrooms over the years and as such received life skills that I use every day.  Please take a few minutes to thank the teachers in our district who help our students achieve academic greatness by showing that they love and care about kids.

Ben Dalton


Garfield School District

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