ALEKS- Can I Help with Math at Home?

Garfield County has been participating in a grant program from the Utah STEM Action Center to utilize automated math tracking software to help parents and teachers follow success of their children’s math education.  Garfield students will once again be receiving partial funding from Utah STEM Action Center to provide the ALEKS software package.

Based on support from the school board, students will be able to use their school assigned computers to work with the ALEKS software daily at school, at home, or where there is an internet signal.  The ALEKS software is great for students 3rd through 12th grades.

Besides providing students with daily worksheets that are tailored to their math curriculum needs, the software assesses the students’ performance and success weekly to give a visual picture of where the students have reached competency or the subjects needing additional work.  Teachers can then produce work that specifically targets the student’s deficiency.

Our students have had access to this software in the past but with the district 1:1 program and STEM funding, we hope to receive additional benefits for student growth in mathematics this school year.

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