What is 1:1

While reading the March 2014 Superintendent’s Corner, I noticed Mr. Dalton had mentioned that the district was at the state target of making available one computer to every student.  During the last school board meeting, I introduced the prospects of taking the district to the next level of 1 : 1, placing a computer in every student’s hands for use both at school and at home.

Through the mini grant program and with district funds, computer inventory numbers are such that each student can be assigned an individual computer for their individual use.  The proposal would give all students from grades 4th -12th a Chromebook for personal use at both school and home.  Third grade would have a Chromebook available for school use only, while grades K-2 will move towards a device to improve skills with the mouse.

The program will be based on students wishing to take their machines home having the option to purchase an insurance policy to cover any issues concerning breakage, theft, and general damage.  Anyone not wishing to participate in the take home program will still have a computer assigned to their student(s) while at school.  K-3 devices will not have to participate in the insurance, as they will not be taking the device home.  Please watch for more information to come forward concerning the 1: 1 program.

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