New Superintendent’s Introduction

Hello Garfield County!

I would like to take today to introduce myself, what I represent, and what my goals are for the students of Garfield County School District.  I replaced Mr. Ben Dalton as of July 1, 2016.  Mr. Dalton made several major changes in Garfield’s education practices.  I hope to finish up some of his projects and modernize several other areas.

My parents are from Minersville and I was raised in Beaver.  In 31 years, I have taught 6th grade for one year, Science and Math for 12 years at Beaver High School, and have been involved in school administration for 18 years.

I am a proponent of student success.  I have a philosophy that all students can learn if given the proper environment.  At the same time, I realize all students do not progress at the same rate.  As a result, our schools must continually change instruction to meet all student needs at their individual levels.

We have been hit in the past with “No Child Left Behind” and slogans such as “Every Students Succeeds.”  To achieve individual student success at all levels is not a formula or a program we follow step by step.  It is the product when individual teachers help all students’ progress based on the student’s desire and ability.

I wish success for GCSD, and I will strive to help each teacher expand the educational potential of your children.  With success for all as our goal, I can’t wait to see the achievement of our next generation.

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