Bryce Valley Elementary School Will be the First

If you have listened throughout the county, you surely have heard the rumble over building a single high school, or maybe three elementary schools, or for that matter any number of combinations.  My intent today is to try and give Garfield County taxpayers an update into the direction the board has chosen to go in the immediate future.

Currently, the board is not interested in pursuing a combined high school.  There are numerous reasons for but an equal number to not support that movement.  After reaching that conclusion, it was easy to determine that the target should be directed at the school with the most student risk.  In this case, Bryce Valley Elementary School poses the greatest threat to students during an earthquake.  As a result, that school will be first to be replaced.  The district owns property adjacent to the baseball field for this purpose but there exists interest in locating the new building on the existing property for many reasons including proximity to the community.  It is the intent of the district to allow the local community to have input in the process along with teachers and staff.  This process will begin in the months to come with ample input as to size, design, and usability.   It is a great event that will surely bring the communities serviced by this school together for a common cause.  Current designs are to include a full-size gym along with ample resources to supplement the educational process.

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