Panguitch Elementary School

The district is looking at the possibility of building both the Bryce Valley Elementary School and Panguitch Elementary School simultaneously.  If enough can be saved by building both schools in a combined contract, there may be enough funding to complete both buildings together.

We are at the mercy of the market.  Depending on the building industry, we may be able to save with a combined bid.  This is based on the construction utilizing the combined purchase of materials, design fees, work crew placement, shared architect, engineering, and professional fees.  In the event that enough savings can be obtained, the district will pursue a combined project.

PES has the largest student population in the district with 281 students.  This is over 100 students more than BVES who has the second largest population.  The new PES will be considerably larger and as a result will undoubtedly cost more money to construct.  Construction costs could definitely be less on a combined project but additional savings could also come from the demolition of both old buildings together.  The new Panguitch School is currently envisioned to be placed at the west side of the existing campus location.  The current Kindergarten/Preshool building will be saved but the new school will house those students in the new building.  Lost playground areas will placed on top of the demolished current building.  As with the Bryce Valley design, the board wants a full sized gym for the new Panguitch Elementary.

Tracy Davis, Superintendent

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