Escalante Elementary Replacement

After the engineering review, Escalante Elementary School emerged as a great school when looking for the safety of our children.  It is the oldest of the original elementary campuses we have, constructed in 1954.  Numerous remodel/reconstruction projects have given an extended period of life not available for our other two elementary campus locations.  A complete remodel of Escalante Elementary would only cost about a third of the cost of replacement whereas the other two would not be cost effective to renovate.

When the time arises for a new school, besides the property located on the existing school campus, the high school campus may have extra acreage not being used that could easily fit a new elementary campus.  Aesthetically speaking, the Escalante Elementary campus could be modernized.  There are several pieces that have been added together over the years to make up todays campus.  The original building was 9,100sf with an addition in 1965 of 2,500sf and additional 3,000sf added in 2004.  Since then four additional structures have been added to the campus for support.  With all that said, the future looks like a new facility would be best for Escalante also.

What about Boulder and Antimony Elementary Schools?  If you have not seen these two buildings, it is definitely worth the view should you be traveling through these two communities.  Both are new, beautiful, and very functional rural school buildings.  Each has multiple classrooms, technology equipped apparatus, lunch facilities, and spacious playgrounds.  Without question, these accommodations are a treasure for these communities and students.

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