Tammi Bennett FCCLA

National FCCLA – San Antonio Texas

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Advisor, Tammi Bennett of Panguitch High School was awarded the ”Master Adviser Award” at the National FCCLA convention in San Antonio, Texas on July 10th.

Mrs. Bennett has worked very hard for the students of Panguitch High School and her recognition on the national level is proof of all that she has accomplished.  For those that know Mrs. Bennett’s drive, and your students being part of this organization, you understand the countless hours of service she has provided for our youth.  We recognize Mrs. Bennett for her hard work and congratulate her for this award.

To earn this recognition, an advisor must have an FCCLA chapter affiliation more than three years, promote the organization, operate a co-curricular chapter with a balanced program of work, facilitate youth-centered activities, and stay up to date on new happenings within the organization.

You may recall, Mrs. Teresa Thompson of Bryce Valley High School, also received this award last year. It goes to show that Garfield School District is a better place because we have so many teachers like these that care so much about the students of our small communities.

–Brent Judd Garfield CTE Director

–Superintendent Ben Dalton

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