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Policies on this page are for reference only and may not reflect pending policy changes that can occur at monthly board meetings. Each policy is subject to three seperate public readings before it goes into effect.

CAA- Revenue and Budgeting: State

CAB- Revenue and Budgeting: Local Revenue 

CAC- Revenue and Budgeting: Budget

CAD- Revenue and Budgeting: District Audit Committee 

CAE- Capital Outlay Reporting: School Plant Capital Outlay Report 

CAF- Financial Reporting 

CAG- District Fiscal Responsibilities 

CAH- Program Accounting 

CB- Procurement 

CBA- General Procurement Policies 

CBB- Procurement: Awarding Contracts by Bidding 

CBD- Procurement: Awarding Contracts by Request for Proposals

CBDA- Procurement: Request for Statement of Qualifications 

CBDB-Procurement: Approved Vendor List Process

CBDC- Procurement: Procurement of Professional Services 

CBE- Procurement: Small Purchases

CBF- Procurement: Exceptions to Standard Procurement Processes

CBG- Procurement: Contracts and  Contract Limitations

CBH- Procurement: Interaction with Other Procurement Units

CBJ- Procurement: Contractor Oversight

CBK- Procurement: Child Nutrition Program Procurement 

CCA- Procurement of Construction: School Construction Bidding 

CCB- Procurement of Construction: Construction Bonds and Security 

CCC- Procurement of Construction: Limitation on Change Orders

CCE- Procurement of Construction: Construction Management Methods 

CCF- Procurement of Construction: Procurement of Design Professional Services 

CCG- Procurement of Construction: Construction and School-Site Acquisition Requirements 

CDA- Procurement Appeals and Oversight: Procurement Protests and Debarment Proceedings 

CEB- District Emergency Response Plan 

CFB- Use of School Facilities: Employee Use of School Property 

CJ- Transportation 

CJAA- Transportation: Planning and Funding 

CJDA- Transportation: Operations 

CK- Cash Receipts and Expenditures 

Content will be added as these policies complete their third reading at the upcoming board meetings

Content will be added as these policies complete their third reading at the upcoming board meetings